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Ha! The Best Laid Plans

The best laid schemes of Mice and Men oft go awry, And leave us nothing but grief and pain, For promised joy! I was all excited to start November blogging every day. I believed that our renovation would be starting on the 1st, and it seemed to perfectly coincide. Ha. HA. HAHAHAHAHA! While doing some [...]

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Wha Happened? An update 3 months in the making.

It's been almost THREE months since I have updated? Wha!?! That is blowing my mind. I have been very busy over here. In the past few months I have done one or two more small craft shows. I have been developing new products, and I have actually been doing some paintings! Right now I am [...]

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20 Detectives – Miss Marple

My plan for January was to do a painting a week day. I thought that was pretty conservative after my 100 paintings in 100 days project. January's plans for me have been somewhat different. My children have needed extra attention, the stacks of papers and laundry that grew from my 100 days of neglect were [...]

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