Eartha Kitt Cat Woman Button

Eartha Kitt Cat Woman Button


It’s the amazingly talented Eartha Kitt as Cat Woman! Get her as a 2.25″ Pin to let everyone know just how evil you are (or want to be), or as a Pocket Mirror to make sure your mask is in place so no one can learn your secret identity.

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This button is made from a print of a gouache painting I did for my 100 day project called “Chasing The Pink Glow.”

On day 87 I painted Eartha Kitt in her amazing Cat Woman glory.

This is a listing for a 2.25″ button You can choose from a pin back button OR a mirror back.
The mirror is real glass, not plastic.
I made this button myself, with my own two hands.


I retain all copyrights to this image. Please don’t copy or reproduce any of the images in any way without my permission.


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