Princess Leia Button

Princess Leia Button


I love Princess Leia because she is a BAD ASS. She gets out there and fights with her own blasters. She is smart enough to coordinate troop movements and tough enough to jump into the fray. She is so much more than just a slave girl in a metal bikini.

Get her as a 2.25″ Pin to let everyone know how tough you are, or as a Pocket Mirror to check your hair after you outsmarted a whole gaggle of storm troopers.

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This button is made from a print of a gouache painting I did for my 100 day project called “Chasing The Pink Glow.”

On day 54 I painted Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan in the gear she wears on Hoth in the Empire Strikes Back.

This is a listing for a 2.25″ button You can choose from a pin back button OR a mirror back.
The mirror is real glass, not plastic.
I made this button myself, with my own two hands.


I retain all copyrights to this image. Please don’t copy or reproduce any of the images in any way without my permission.


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