The X-Files Button

The X-Files Button


This X-Files Button features Fox Mulder & Dana Scully looking very official and FBI-y, which I have heard is an official term.

Let other people know you know the truth is out there! Wear this image as a 2.25″ pin. Or use the pocket mirror to both check your lipstick and make sure no one is following you as you solve the unsolvable.



It’s Colin Firth as Mr Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice! He’s everyone’s pretend boyfriend, but you can lay claim to him by showing him off with this 2.25″ pin, or buy it as a Pocket Mirror to admire your own set of fine eyes whenever you desire.

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It’s a button with those brilliant agents, Dana Scully & Fox Mulder.

This is a listing for a 2.25″ button You can choose from a pin back button OR a mirror back.
The mirror is real glass, not plastic.
I made this button myself, with my own two hands.


I retain all copyrights to this image. Please don’t copy or reproduce any of the images in any way without my permission.


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