12/100 Pink Ladies

I love the movie Grease. I love the costumes and the songs, but most of all I love the Pink Ladies. Each of them are so cool in their own ways. I love that they are this total group of misfit friends who seemingly have nothing in common. The pink jacket binds them together though. Jan and Frenchy are sweet, Marty and Rizzo are precocious, and they all seem to share a similar sarcastic sense of humor. Rizzo comments that Sandy “looks too pure to be pink.” Which of course she does. It’s hard to imagine her looking as comfortable in a Pink Ladies jacket as she does in her cheer leader uniform, am I right?

As a kid, I always loved Rizzo the best. She was so tough and cool. She had the best lines and an awesome torch song. I also really love Jan. She’s such a goof ball.

We recently attended a screening of the sing-a-long version of Grease at a local theater. It was so much fun to see it on the big screen and hear the whole theater singing the songs we all know so well. I loved seeing the Pink Ladies so big and bright! It was a treat to get to see their costumes in greater detail. It reminded me that I once bought a really ugly, horribly fitting jacket, just because it kinda sorta looked like a Pink Ladies jacket! I guess someday I’ll have to get my own, with my name embroidered right on the chest.

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