20/100 The Bee Gees

When my husband saw what I was painting this morning, he looked at me and said, “Oooh! This is a special one.” My kids came into my work room and started jumping up and down and getting very excited. I am a huge Bee Gees fan.

The Bee Gees are my go to pick me up. While I have loved everything I have painted so much, these guys are like in the upper echelon of pinkness they go past a glow to a sparkle.

It makes it really hard to write about, actually.

Especially because everyone has their own take on the band. I mean, I love them for 100 million trillion reasons. I love that they are kind of these nerdy underdogs in a way. I think that they totally looked up to the Beatles and were fanboys of them, and sometimes they just come off as super nerdy because of that.

The Bee Gees should be thought of in such a more esteemed way than they are. Their falsetto voices and feathered hair and being associated with Disco have left so many people thinking so poorly of them. Yet, if you look at their songs and the caliber of artists who have covered them, they are dynamos!

I love them, crazy chest hair and big hair and tight tiiiiiiight pants and all.

Here is a documentary you should watch about them:

But if you don’t have an hour, here’s a few good performances:

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