25/100 Red Boots

I am ONE QUARTER of the way through this project! Wahoo!
It’s cold and windy in my city today. I got to bust out a coat and my favorite pair of red boots.
These are magic boots.
Everywhere I go they make me new friends. People can’t help but stop me and talk to me about my boots!
They had a bad kind of magic when they made my closet and all the clothes inside smell horrible after I made the mistake of closing them up in there once. But now they live on a shelf in my bedroom and we are all friends and as happy as can be.
Sometimes I can feel kind of “Ronald McDonaldy” in them, but my fashion aesthetic tends to lean toward clownish quite often, so I have come to terms with this feeling and now I just embrace it.

After I painted this painting I noticed that it bore a striking resemblance to Nanny from the Muppet Babies, and I am really okay with that, but I thought I would mention it to you in case you were thinking the same thing too.

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