3/100 Vintage Brooches

I know that with this project I am going to be learning new things everyday. Today’s lesson was an easy one. When I am rushed, I have less fun and my work suffers for it. Today I had an appointment in the morning and in the afternoon. I had to run errands with my kids after school and take them to swimming lessons. By the time I was able to sit down and paint, I was tired!
I’ve learned that I work much better in the morning and when I can take my time.
Not having to get up and reprimand my youngest daughter in the middle of a painting would probably help too.
Such is the life of a busy mom, I guess.
Today I chose vintage brooches as my pink glow inspiration.
I am always seeking them out.
I love the rhinestone ones as well, but these pieces from my enamel collection were much easier to paint for a novice like me.
These were very fun to paint, even with frequent interruptions and being fatigued. I can definitely see painting a lot more of them.

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