34/100 David Cassidy

I have such mixed feelings about David Cassidy. On the one hand I love his pop songs and his voice ever so much. On the other, he seems to really abhor the pop idol mantle.

Still, his music is some of my favorite kind of music, so here he is as one of my 100 paintings. Even if he wishes that he wasn’t.

I am a huge fan of the Partridge Family albums and his solo efforts as well. There were a few months in my late teens when most of my waking moments consisted of listening to David Cassidy albums and playing Tetris. We’re talking like for at least 6 hours straight, every day. I listened to this dude like it was my profession, which it kind of was. Obviously I have moved on, but I still have very special feelings for this fella.

When I turned 21 two of my aunties took me to see David Cassidy in EFX at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It was a spectacle that none of us could quite figure out, but we were near the stage and we saw David Cassidy LIVE and in person! That was one of the greatest gifts of all time!

For my 26th birthday Brett took me to Sparks, Nevada to see David Cassidy perform his hits. The show was pretty great, but I won’t lie to you, the women who rushed the stage totally skeeved me out and I had a hard time enjoying myself. Previous to this show I thought the idea of women throwing their underwear at the stage was a joke. That night I learned that it is in fact a thing that really happens. If it is in fact happening in front of you in Sparks Nevada while an aging rock star seems sort of pissed to be there and the panties being thrown are quite literally those of a granny, you start to question your life choices. You just can’t help it.

In keeping with my 5 year tradition, Brett bought us tickets to go see David Cassidy in southern Utah when I turned 31. I had just given birth to Olive though, and she had other plans for us. She got sick and had a terribly high fever, so instead of going to a concert we headed to the emergency room. Turns out Olive just runs warmer than the rest of us and also gets a fever when she is anxious, which is most of the time. We didn’t learn this until after a spinal tap and the concert had already started.

My 5 year plan was thwarted, and has fallen by the wayside. I do have YouTube though, so instead of spending money to see a somewhat bitter old man sing songs of yesteryear, I can watch a slightly less bitter young man sing songs of his time. The ladies are all still pretty disturbing though.

Here are a some great YouTube clips:

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