39/100 A New Kind Of Love

This Joanne Woodward/Paul Newman movie, called A New Kind Of Love, is high camp. Joanne Woodward is Sam Blake, a fashion designer who rips off high fashion designs to sell to a mass market. She’s butch and wonderful. She meets up with Paul Newman and wacky hijinks ensue. I love this movie for soooooo many reasons. The FASHION! It’s amazing, Edith Head was the costume designer on this film, and it is to die for. Also, Thelma Ritter! A saucy sassy actress who is so often overlooked. I love love love her and she is great in this film.

I had to rush my painting, as it was a crazy day when I painted this. I hope to revisit this one, because I feel I didn’t do it justice. But again, if I can just remember that it’s about remembering the things I love, and learning how to paint with this medium, then I’m good.

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