45/100 Wonder Woman

I feel like I could dedicate an entire blog, not just a post to Wonder Woman. I will say that I was and am a HUGE fan of the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series. This show had such an impact on me.

For as long as I can remember, when a limb of mine has fallen asleep, I have visualized that feeling that some call “pins and needles” as the edges of millions of the animated stars from the opening of the Wonder Woman TV show hitting my body. Like forever and always I will always imagine that.

I painted this painting sitting at my friend Bridget’s counter in Chicago. I left my kiddos and my sweetie and came for a grown up girls only visit. I know that one of the reasons I chose to paint Wonder Woman today is that it was a little bridge to home.
I have indoctrinated my girls to love Wonder Woman as well, and I knew they would be excited to see this painting via our face time chat this evening.

I will say that trying to paint something I have so many feelings for is difficult. It’s also hard to paint something that is already an illustration, because melding my style and that of the animated Wonder Woman was not easy. I think I need to keep practicing with Wonder Woman, as I wasn’t exactly pleased with how this turned out. Again though, as I say to myself every single day, it’s a process and I’m not always going to be happy with the results.

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