59/100 Star Trek

I was raised by a bunch of Trekkies. Growing up, my mom’s station wagon had a license plate that said BEEMEUP, and where other cars might have a sticker supporting their alma mater, hers said “Star Fleet Academy.”

My mom was always a bigger fan of The Next Generation, but I personally love the original series best of all. I think by now we can all agree that it’s “camp” that gets my motor running.

I love all of the costumes, the acting, the sets, and even the scripts. I mean, HOW is Spock walking around without a brain, you guys? Don’t think about it too much, but love Star Trek for exactly what it is.

Today I decided to paint Uhura, as I have always admired both the character and the actress Nichelle Nichols who portrays her. Uhura is smart and capable, and able to deal with everyone and their emotional outbursts. Nichelle Nichols herself is an amazing woman who has worked to actively recruit women and minorities for NASA.

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