62/100 Hall & Oates

When I was younger I made a mix tape of some of my most favorite songs. This was not the era of the Mp3 digital track, I was recording from vinyl to cassette.
When the song “You Make My Dreams” was recording I couldn’t help but get up and dance.
This caused the album to skip just a bit, just a little blip really.
I didn’t want to have to re-record the whole song, because if you’ve ever made a mix tape from records you know that’s a pain.
So instead I drove around for years with this tape in my car, skip and all.
Now in the days of iPods & Spotify I still listen to Hall & Oates all the time, and every time I get to that part of “You Make My Dreams” I still expect the little skip to happen. All of this is just to say I love this band & they always make me dance, even when I know I shouldn’t.

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