66/100 Pentel Graph600

I first bought this pencil, the Pentel Graph600, at the Japanese stationary store Maido in San Francisco. That store is the best for pens and pencils!! I won’t lie, I picked this one because it was turquoise, one of my very favorite colors.

It’s proven to be the best pencil in the world. I love it so much. Sometimes I just stare lovingly at it and serenade it.

Every day I do a sketch and transfer it to watercolor paper. My fancy turquoise pencil works so hard for me all day. I love the
eraser cap too! You can spin it to label whatever kind of lead you have loaded in the pencil. It’s cute and handy, all you can hope for in a tool.

I feel so strongly about it, that I ordered a second one to keep in my purse. I decided to get it in orange. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that it had a different lead size. After using the orange pencil for a week now, I like it too! It seems you can’t go wrong with this great pencil.

They don’t really make a pink one, but a girl can dream, right?

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