67/100 Libraries

Yesterday I got to go to two of my favorite places. Ikea and the library. It was a great day. While I was at the library, in between helping my daughters get books for their various homework assignments, I tried to think about what exactly it is that inspires me about the place.

For as long as I remember, the library has been my happy place. As a kid the bookmobile visited our school, and I can still remember the thrill of it. As a young person, I think some would have thought me extroverted, but I was really pretty shy. Every school I ever attended, from Kindergarten through College, I befriended the librarian at my school.

I love the idea that there are whole buildings, MULTIPLE whole buildings all over the world that are comprised of books that anyone can borrow. That just blows my mind. I never understand when someone tells me they don’t have a library card. You people, you are missing out on the best fun ever! You can borrow the weirdest strangest books and enjoy them at your leisure. You can rent a ton of movies and not feel the least bit guilty if you decide not to watch a one of them. Oh, man! I am seriously getting worked up just thinking about all the awesome things you can do.

Back when I had expendable income, I spent a lot of money on books for my home library. We bought DVD’s and VHS tapes galore. Solicitors would knock on our apartment door and think that we were an actual library, that’s how full to bursting our house was with different kinds of media. Since having kids, we have no extra moolah. But I haven’t felt in the least deprived. The library has been a way for me to still experience the thrill of the written word, discover new music, and to rent anything my heart has desired.

I love that now I can put things on hold right from my computer. I like surfing the catalog late at night, and there is many a time I get a notice that something is ready for me to pick up that I forgot I even requested. The difference between doing that and ordering books online is that I don’t have to pay! I can read and read to my heart’s content and then send them on to someone else who will also enjoy them.

I also love that you can now check out so many digital books. Talk about instant gratification. I don’t understand why everyone isn’t using their local library’s app right now! You have access to so many awesome things!! Ebooks and Audiobooks! Get over to your local library’s website! They will have links to all that good stuff.

I am so happy that I have been able to instill a love for the library in my kids. We started out going to story times when they were toddlers, and now we go at least once a month. I love that they are excited to go, and that they feel very comfortable perusing the stacks and talking to the librarians.

It’s definitely one of my all time happy places, I love the library!

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