68/100 Tights

I am really obsessed with pretty, bright tights.
My favorite place to buy them is from We Love Colors, where they have 51 colors of tights to choose from.

Last year, when I was konmari’ing my wardrobe, I took this picture of my tights and socks, so you can see I’m not kidding around here.

What with daylight savings and the lack of light in the evening, I am dreaming of some fancy new shoes to brighten up my life. So I had to throw in some fancy ones I would design for myself if I could.

Every single year I go looking for candy colored boots, but unless I want rain boots they are impossible to find! Why, oh why, do designers think that we need yet another pair of black boots, when all I want is a pair of bright purple ones? Not cool. It’s just not cool.

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