90/100 Costume Dramas

I LOVE costume dramas. I really prefer to call them period dramas, partly because my uterus demands that I watch these every 28 days. Nothing soothes a bad case of cramps like a Jane Austen teledrama. I love watching Dickens stories come to life. Elizabeth Gaskell stories thrill me to no end. I especially like trying to spot costumes I recognize from production to production. This painting is of the lead couple from the 1995 production of Persuasion, based on the novel by Jane Austen.

If you are interested in Costume Dramas, you can find a million videos about them on YouTube. It seems that the only thing people like more than a costume drama, is to make videos about them. Do you want to see your favorite couple from a period drama set to modern love songs? There are hundreds of videos like that. Do you want to see just the juiciest moments from many miniseries set to modern music? There are even more of those! Just type in costume drama in YouTube and you will see. It’s staggering! I was going to post some here, but honestly, it was a little to much for even me!

Sometimes though, there are even full movie on YouTube. Here’s another one of my favorite Austen books turned into a film, Northanger Abbey:

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