99/100 Gouache

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This evening I headed to E3 Modern a gallery where they have hung 97 of paintings, and the other 3 will be added later this week. We were there until 9:30, and then I came home and finished my 99th painting.

I decided to paint the medium I have been using for this project.
Pronounced gwash, gouache is the paint I have been using on this project. I picked it for many reasons, one of which being that it is water based and simple to clean up. It has been used for over 600 years, yet many people have never heard of it. It was used by graphic designers before pixels made it so easy to create solid and opaque graphics. I wanted to paint 100 paintings using this medium in order to learn how to use it. I still feel like an absolute novice. I’m hoping that someday I can really understand gouache. It comes in tubes, I primarily put the wet paint into airtight little jars like those pictured on the left of my painting. It’s super fun to paint with, and I recommend it to anyone who likes bold bright colors.

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