Unify America is partnering with USAnimals to challenge dog and cat lovers to overcome their divisions.

At Unify America, our mission is to replace politics with problem-solving, and it starts with having “bubble-busting” conversations.

If we are going to break down the barriers that divide us so we can solve real problems together, we need to start seeing how we are more similar than different.

So we’ve partnered with USAnimals to start with one of the most divisive arguments of our time, cats vs. dogs. If cat lovers and dog lovers can come together, then we know there’s no topic too complex for our country to unify around.

Feeling skeptical? Start here. Drag and drop the attributes from the top of the image underneath the animal you most associate them with, and then check your score when you are done.

Ok, that was a trick! You’ll find that all animal lovers of all kinds have associated those attributes with cats AND dogs!

It’s alright to disagree about which animal you prefer, but when we get down to it and start having conversations, we know you’ll see we’re all animal lovers here, and there’s quite a lot we can agree on.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on board with your fellow problem-solving, bridge-building unifiers. Sign up for our Unify Challenge here.

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