92/100 Welcome To The Dollhouse

I had a hard time deciding which Todd Solondz film to do a painting of. I love how disturbed and lovely his movies are. I decided to paint Dawn Weiner from “Welcome To The Dollhouse” because her awkwardness is so painful & touching. I love that film so much!

91/100 Endora

As a kid I loved Samantha on Bewitched. I thought she was beautiful & so cool. As a grown up woman and mother of two young girls, I really love Endora now. I can TOTALLY understand her meddlesome nature. Her daughter is trying to hide her light under this wet blanket who wants Samantha to …

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90/100 Costume Dramas

I LOVE costume dramas. I really prefer to call them period dramas, partly because my uterus demands that I watch these every 28 days. Nothing soothes a bad case of cramps like a Jane Austen teledrama. I love watching Dickens stories come to life. Elizabeth Gaskell stories thrill me to no end. I especially like …

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89/100 Jonathan Richman

I love Jonathan Richman, with the band the Modern Lovers or without them. His songs are seemingly simplistic, but they stay with you. His sound is upbeat, but there is always a little thread of sadness too.

88/100 Annie Potts

Have you ever seen Annie Potts not be amazing in whatever she’s in? The answer is no. She sparkles and shines in every role & I love her. I couldn’t decide what role to paint her in. I was SO torn between Iona from Pretty In Pink or Janine from Ghostbusters. But in the end, …

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87/100 Eartha Kitt

I love listening to Eartha Kitt speak. I have always enjoyed listening to different accents and picking them apart, imagining how it feels to squash your vowels, or trill your R’s. Eartha Kitt is all over the place with her accent. I was so surprised to learn that she’s from the southern U.S. Wherever she’s …

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86/100 Inarizushi

I can't believe I forgot to mention it, but I started listing my prints over on Etsy! The link is in my bio. I am also selling pins & pocket mirrors with my designs. Today I packed up my pink luggage & headed to my first ever art show. I have been selling online since …

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85/100 Amelie

Just for the colors alone, I love this movie. Fun fact about me: I LOVE accordion music. I mean, really truly adore it. So the soundtrack to this film is just thrilling to me. Of course I love the whimsy and the storytelling too. It’s just all so good.

84/100 Xanadu

I couldn’t decide if I should label this Olivia Newton-John or Xanadu. I looove them both ever so much. After listening to the soundtrack while painting, I decided to go for the actual movie. I mean there is that weird cartoon part, Michael Beck, and GENE KELLY. Also, I love all the ELO songs as …

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83/100 Pushing Daisies

I love this show so much. The costumes! The sets! The costumes! The stories! The characters! The alliterations! The sets! Seriously. I have been putting off this painting, because I love it so much, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. Now I just want to paint every outfit in Charlotte …

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