It’s Personal

Oh! That Pink Glow!

This week was the best. Just the absolute be all and end all of it all. I mean, I was in heaven. Divine pink heaven. I obviously don’t even have words for how much fun I had. I wasn’t able to paint for two of the days, but that was because I was having SO …

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2 weeks in.

Well, I’ve been at this for a little over two weeks. I feel like every post I make is an after thought. GUYS! I used to be a good writer. Like, really! But now I feel like my writing is the equivalent of bashful people getting up to talk at the front of the class. …

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One Week Down!

I’m using a picture of myself from a month ago, because I have been too busy to even take a selfie. SO BUSY. I’m not sure why that saying “When it rains, it pours” is so true, but it is. This week has been crazy. At the onset, I thought it would be perfect to …

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Chasing The Pink Glow

Do you know that feeling you get when you see or hear something that is amazing and inspiring? Do you get that feeling like time is speeding up, where you hear a buzzing in your ears, and you feel like every molecule in your body has just suddenly sped up somehow? It could be a …

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In The Beginning

I started my first blog in 2003. Prior to that I had other websites. One where I sold things, one for my wedding, even a little e-zine. All of my previous websites had been created for something. To sell something or to inform someone. When I joined LiveJournal in 2003, it was just to bitch …

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