Panel Livestreams

Previous Next Action Utah held many panel discussions, and I was responsible for setting up a/v equipment, filming, and livestreaming them. I used Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to impose graphics, monitor audio levels, record live video, and stream to Facebook.

H5P interactive games

H5P is a free and open-source content collaboration framework based on JavaScript. I’ve used it to create interactive games and interfaces to support learning curriculum I have designed. I created this game as part of the Better Utah Institute Civic Engagement Toolkit. It aims to teach users that while there is an optimal path to …

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Real House (& Senate) Leaders of Utah This video is a take off on the opening credits of the Real Housewives franchise. It was created to educate Utahns about the leaders of the Legislature. I made it using Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and a cartoon rendering program called Toonly.

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