Chasing the Pink Glow

In December 2013, my dad, Dick Nelson, died very suddenly, and I was grief-stricken. As the primary caregiver of my two children, my life was also drastically changed when my youngest child enrolled in school all day. I became adrift & depressed.

Before my sadness, the things that delighted me were always cast with a rosy hue to me. Those things that resonated with me and truly inspired me were imbued with a special pink-colored glow in my mind, like an added sensation of pink.

On August 24, 2015, I began a 100-day project to focus on my happiness. I committed to doing 100 paintings of things I loved and inspired me. I painted them all in a medium called gouache, which is like watercolor but more opaque. Each painting was an effort to reignite the happiness I knew I could feel again. I called the project “Chasing The Pink Glow.

After sharing my project on social media, people began asking me if they could purchase the paintings. I decided to offer some of my favorites for sale as prints.

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