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20 Detectives – Miss Marple

My plan for January was to do a painting a week day. I thought that was pretty conservative after my 100 paintings in 100 days project.

January’s plans for me have been somewhat different. My children have needed extra attention, the stacks of papers and laundry that grew from my 100 days of neglect were suddenly starting to topple over, and then my stupid wrist decided to start hurting.

I had planned to do 20 paintings of 20 television detectives. I’m not sure how many detectives I will have at the end of the month, but I am planning on powering through and getting as many done as I can.

My first painting of the month was of Miss Marple.

The thing about Miss Marple is that she’s been played by more than one actress. I think everyone has their favorite, and they seem pretty emphatic about it. I feel like I am Marple neutral. I like them all for different reasons. I chose to paint Julia Mckenzie, because I like the production values of the more recent shows, and I was watching them while I was painting.

I love that Miss Marple is a little old lady who solves murders and knits. As a plus size woman I think I’ve often felt overlooked in society, I totally get how an older woman can just become completely invisible and a great observer of the world around her. No one pays any attention to the lady knitting in the corner, believe me I KNOW from first hand experience.

Miss Marple is always out smarting the mean ol’ criminals, but she’s also always surprising the constabulary who think they are smarter than this sweet little thing. The thing about a good TV detective show is that it doesn’t even matter if it is predictable or easy to solve, it’s really about the charisma of the detective, not the case they are solving.

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