It's a picture of me

New Year, New Post


It's a picture of me

You know what? I really miss blogging. I like writing. I think that I have forgotten just how much I like it. I think that blogging got intimidating for me, and I don’t know exactly why, but since everyone says that blogging is dead now, I think the pressure is off!
It can be a lot of pressure, expressing your opinion. Like, I can’t even leave just a star rating on goodreads, because I don’t want to get called out on why I did or did not like a book. I just want to fly under the radar. But also, I want a platform to share my thoughts. I miss sharing my thoughts on the internet and making new friends and seeing what they are sharing. I LOVE Instagram, but I also like words. Maybe I am ready for more words.
Maybe not? I don’t know, I also don’t want to put a lot of pressure on myself. It makes me so sad to go to someone’s blog and they are apologizing for not updating. PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET! You don’t owe anyone your words. Your pictures. A window into your life. You don’t have to do that. Or I don’t know, maybe it’s your livelihood and you do. You do you, but don’t feel so bad about it. That’s a good idea, right?
I’m so tired of feeling bad all the time. I just have a burning ache of sad singeing its way through my sternum, and I want to focus on things that make me happy. Maybe writing about it here will make me feel something more than the shakes. Maybe channeling my little light of joy into this corner of the world wide web will help me amplify it, so I can stop constantly gulping as I try to swallow so much bitterness and disassociate myself from the horrible happenings in the real world.
It’s a practice I’m interested in starting up again, so here I go.

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