One Week Down!

I’m using a picture of myself from a month ago, because I have been too busy to even take a selfie. SO BUSY.

I’m not sure why that saying “When it rains, it pours” is so true, but it is. This week has been crazy.

At the onset, I thought it would be perfect to time the beginning of this project with the first week of school. I was thinking about how great it would be to have my days free to devote to working on these little paintings. I neglected to think about the rest of my social engagements though.

On this week’s calendar, in addition to daily afterschool activities for my kids, we also had scheduled:

  • Back to School Night. An evening by which I had to have our school website updated and ready to go, as well as give a presentation to the community.
  • A meeting with a realtor at his office to talk about what we need to do to list our home.
  • The girls annual doctor check up.
  • Sadie’s braces removal.
  • Sadie’s 10th birthday party (a sleepover with a few friends) & braces removal celebration.
  • An evening fundraising soiree for one of Brett’s clients.


That is not including the unscheduled visit to the Apple store I had to take after I dropped my phone on the concrete driveway & the screen shattered into a million pieces. Thanks to Applecare they gave me a new phone, but of course I have spent all week dealing with switching it over.

It’s been a relatively smooth transition into school days for my kids, which hasn’t always been the case, so I am thankful for that.

All of the paintings took longer than I anticipated. Some of them took a LOT longer & I had to remind myself to stay calm. The first bag I ever sewed took me an entire day. Now I can bang them out in a half an hour. I keep thinking about that as I get frustrated that the brush won’t conform to my wishes, or if it takes me forever to get things even close to what I’d like.

Here’s to hoping that this coming week is a little less hectic. Looking over my calendar, I realize that it is, but just barely. Wish me luck!


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