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100/100 My Family

For 100 (and 3 days I was unable to paint because I was traveling or ill) days I have started the morning wondering what I will paint that day. My family has heard me ask, at least 80 times, “What am I going to paint today?” Almost every time, my daughters have answered “Your family!” …

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99/100 Gouache

A photo posted by Melissa N-S (@melissa.n_s) on Dec 4, 2015 at 5:50pm PST This evening I headed to E3 Modern a gallery where they have hung 97 of paintings, and the other 3 will be added later this week. We were there until 9:30, and then I came home and finished my 99th painting. …

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98/100 Cher

On the worst of days, all I have to do is head over to YouTube and watch some Sonny & Cher Show clips, or Cher’s solo variety show. Nothing makes me happier than Cher singing and acting in a variety show format. If I need a quick fix, one look at Cher’s Twitter account will …

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Tom Waits

96/100 Tom Waits

I don’t even know how to express the love I have for Tom Waits. I know he is one of those artists that inspires a cult like devotion, and there is a good reason for that. It’s because he is amazing. I admire the way that he is always stretching and trying new things. I …

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93/100 Edith Head

Edith head was an incredibly busy costume designer from 1948 until 1981. She designed so many iconic and amazing costumes. Including two of the films I have included in this project, “What A Way To Go” & “A New Kind Of Love”. She also did the costumes for Sunset Boulevard & Roman Holiday. The list …

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92/100 Welcome To The Dollhouse

I had a hard time deciding which Todd Solondz film to do a painting of. I love how disturbed and lovely his movies are. I decided to paint Dawn Weiner from “Welcome To The Dollhouse” because her awkwardness is so painful & touching. I love that film so much!

91/100 Endora

As a kid I loved Samantha on Bewitched. I thought she was beautiful & so cool. As a grown up woman and mother of two young girls, I really love Endora now. I can TOTALLY understand her meddlesome nature. Her daughter is trying to hide her light under this wet blanket who wants Samantha to …

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90/100 Costume Dramas

I LOVE costume dramas. I really prefer to call them period dramas, partly because my uterus demands that I watch these every 28 days. Nothing soothes a bad case of cramps like a Jane Austen teledrama. I love watching Dickens stories come to life. Elizabeth Gaskell stories thrill me to no end. I especially like …

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