The Renovation Continues!

Everyone tells you that renovating your house is a pain. They say that living in a construction zone is messy and hard. They say these things, but if you are sick of your house, you don’t care. You poo poo it, and say to yourself that it is bearable, because the end product is going to be amazing. You do, you do this thing trust me. Everyone does this thing, because if you understood what living through construction is like, you might not ever do it. So you have to convince yourself that somehow your experience is going to be better, be cleaner, be less stressful.
Well, that’s what I did anyway.
My husband and I work from home, so we are in the construction zone 24-7. Honestly, the mess is bearable. We are not really bothered by an extra layer of filth, as we are used to having a light dusting of junk around here most of the time. To accommodate the work, we have smushed all of our belongings into a smaller space than usual. The 2 feet of space to walk through towers of stuff is starting to wear me down, but it’s not that bad. The kids are leaving their usual trail of detritus behind them, which is maddening when coupled with the lack of free space around here, but that only irks me from time to time. We really can’t complain about the people doing the work around here. They are nice and they work hard and they are doing great quality work.
Things just take as long as they take, and that’s what is driving me crazy!
I have so many plans. SO MANY PLANS. They are sitting up in my brain, circling and swirling around and looking for some action. I feel like I am going crazy! In the past when I have planned a change in our home, I have been able to execute it almost immediately. We have to plan well in advance so that we are on the same page as the workers, but planning doesn’t mean that it happens right away.
At my core I am not a patient person. I am polite, so it might seem like I am patient, but really, inside, I am BURNING to get shit going. I keep reminding myself that this is a great opportunity to practice patience, and the art of being chillllll, but I am so not chill. In a normal situation, if I have down time, I take that time to come up with action plans. This is not a good habit right now, as I plan things, and then I can’t execute them, and then I drive myself even more crazy.
This is a huge project. When the workers complete their portion of the job, that is just the beginning! After that we will be shifting around every room in our house. I am eager to get onto that part of the priject, as are the two kids who will be finally getting their own rooms!

Months ago I ordered this glorious, beautiful, glittering pink tile. They just installed it into our new master bathroom. Talk about a pink glow! I have taken to just gazing at it fondly. I’m using it as a touch stone. It’s all going to be okay. The only constant is change, right? Things won’t always be this way. I won’t feel the pressure of a thousand plans pressing against me. I will be taking action some day soon, and I will be better for all this planning. Right? RIGHT?

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