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Alright. Let’s talk details. Our home was actually built in 1891, and not in 1895 as I believed. That means that this ol’ place is 125 years old. Wow! The house is larger than the original footprint though, it’s been added onto at least once. According to county records, it looks like our home was last renovated in 1987, but that could just be the last time someone filed for a permit.

Technically we live in a 2 bedroom home with 1 full bath and also a 3/4 bath. We have another room which could be considered a bedroom, but it doesn’t have a closet. There are two other family rooms, a kitchen, and a laundry room. We do all of our living on the main floor which is about 1,638 square feet. We have an unfinished basement which is divided into 2 rooms and is 819 square feet. We have used both rooms for storage for the past 12 years. So technically we’ve been using all of our 2,457 square feet.

This lady has some character! The doorways in the original portion of the home all have transom windows over them. Some of them have the original hardware attached. Some of those transom windows have been painted over, some have glass, and a few are just open spaces. The doorways all have the original decorative moldings, and the 4 key doors seem to be original to the house. Most of the door hardware is beat up. Some of the doors latch closed, but not all of them. The rooms all have baseboard molding that are from 10 in to 6 in high. For the most part our heat registers are quite decorative and located near the baseboards on the wall.

The original part of our home has almost 10 ft ceilings, the back addition has 8.5 ft ceilings. Our basement has lower unfinished ceilings, the floor joists are 6 ft 4 in from the concrete floor, but there is a beam that only has a 6 ft clearance, which is not so great because my husband is 6 ft high. I’m only 5’4, so it works great for me!

This whole place is BEAT UP. It’s been hard to get things looked after to around this place. When we moved in, we ripped out all of the carpet, which was gah-ross. We have laminate floors in most rooms, and I’m sad to say whether they were installed by us or a professional, they are all kinds of wonky. In the past 12 years we have replaced the roof, furnace, and installed central air. Having and raising two kids running our own businesses and dealing with this modern life have demanded most of our attention though. The project list for this place is huge.

We are finally bringing in some outside help! We are using a contractor to remodel the back bedroom, both bathrooms, the laundry, and the basement. With the exception of the kitchen, every other room in our house is changing from its current function. So it’s a big ol’ game of musical rooms! Where it stops, no one knows! Just kidding. Do you remember I told you I am “Type A”? I totally have a plan for everything. Both girls will be getting their own rooms! Our living room and dining room will be moving from where they currently are.

There are big changes going on around here. You can see why I have had little time for making art or really anything else. The thing is that I LOVE thinking about interior design and house organization, so this is totally my jam. I can’t wait to have a place to share all of my brainstorming and plans.

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