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Whew! Back to Blogging…

When it comes down to it, my 100 day project is all about painting. With regular ol’ life I can squish in a blog post here and there during the day, along with my paintings. When I went out of town, it took a while to regain my footing. It was all for naught though, because last week I headed to Chicago to visit some friends for a few days. I decided to focus on having a grand time there, instead of writing here.

My first job is to look after the welfare of my kiddos and everything else comes way after that. I feel really lucky to be in a position to say and do that. I am having a blast with this project, and I am very committed to getting my 100 paintings in as well. The things is, I really love the things I have painted since I have been able to spend time writing, so I am gonna try to write about them all as well as the new paintings that I am doing. So get ready for a glut of postings!

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