14/100 Books

Today I didn’t get a start on my painting until very late in the day. It wasn’t until my kids were in bed, in fact.
I’m not sure that was the most productive time to start a project, but I am committed to getting a painting done every day.
My brain was super fried, and I came up with the subject of books.
I added some of my favorite novels and picture books here. They were off the top of my head, and I realize now that I left a few of my very favorites off.

No matter, as I love very many books. They have always been there for me, since I learned to read. Growing up in a conservative state, with a family like mine, looking as I do, well, books were a way for me to connect with something outside of my day to day experience.

Whether or not I had any friends in real life, I have always had books. There were days when I felt so alone and misunderstood, but I always had a way of finding comfort in a book. My special place is the black text on the white page, no doubt about it.

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