It's all about me,
Melissa Nelson-Stippich!

Sounds like, “muh-lih-sah nehl-sun stip-ick”

My Work & Education History

I am currently taking on freelance projects in web design, strategic planning, copywriting, and content management.

I was responsible for email communications, website, media relations, and social media for the Better Utah Institute. I created three educational hubs related to advocacy and civic engagement. I wrote blog posts and long-format articles and assisted in grant proposals and reporting. I was the sole employee working on a Civic Engagement Toolkit that included three courses. I created a volunteer engagement program, earning a credential in volunteer management from the Utah Nonprofits Association. I tracked and reported on legislation and social media trends related to civic engagement.

I was responsible for digital communications, marketing, PR, social media posts, engagement, and media oversight; I created a new logo and brand identity for the organization. I live-streamed and facilitated in-person events. I developed engagement opportunities when we switched events online in 2020, oversaw interns and fellows, worked on capital campaigns and annual fundraisers, and designed daily advocacy action alerts.

I developed and executed the annual communications strategy, social media outreach, weekly email newsletter, and print materials. I created a new website for both LWVSL and LWV Utah. I spearheaded the first 5k event for the org, creating event visual language, and overseeing the run of show. I also served as an advisor to both LWVSL and LWV Utah boards.

I created e-commerce sites to host my shops, wrote blog posts, and learned best practices to manage my own social media channels to promote myself. I’ve sold everything from hand-painted toilet seats to handmade bags and my art. My designs have found their way into Bust Magazine, InStyle, and Jezebel.

I was responsible for all web representations, ads, and print media. I designed unique print materials, including advertisements, brochures, and a new logo. I created and implemented a new website framework, coordinated all IT systems and digital forms of communication, developed and disseminated e-newsletters, and educated staff and volunteers on how to interface with IT systems.
I coordinated with customers to design personalized party invitations and paraphernalia. I developed, designed, and produced corporate e-newsletters. I assisted in developing and maintaining user-friendly websites, managed quality communication, customer support, and product representation for each client. I coordinated social media campaigns on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. I interacted with customers to follow up on shipping statuses and expedited orders.

I started off as a barista, but by the time I left I managed a team of 10-15 employees, was responsible for all day to day operations, hiring and firing staff, dealing with irate customers, and making delicious coffee drinks.

My Official Bio

Melissa graduated from Westminster College with a degree in Social Science and a minor in Gender Studies. Following that, she worked as a freelance graphic designer and maker while raising her two children with her husband in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. She spends her spare time practicing her accordion, planning and sewing her wardrobe, and pursuing her love of bright colors.

Melissa has a varied skillset due to her lifelong desire to understand all aspects of her interests. She is passionate about communications, branding, strategic planning, and figuring out how to make them all work together.

Melissa has volunteered as an art educator and lent her expertise to multiple parent organizations over the past decade. Her efforts have raised countless dollars, helped organizations look to the future, and taught kids how to unlock the artists within.

She worked as the Communications Director of the League of Women Voters of Salt Lake and Action Utah. She joined Better Utah as the Civic Education Coordinator in 2020, and stepped up to Engagement Director in 2021. She’s passionate about educating people from both sides of the aisle to get involved. She wants to convince you that civic engagement is not only a worthwhile pursuit but can be fun!

My Unofficial Bio

I grew up the child of one set of straight and one set of gay parents in Salt Lake City, Utah. As if that weren’t enough, they were Jewish, Buddhist, and new-age hippy parents who all celebrated Christmas. So it was an eclectic upbringing in a homogenized town. I was exposed to social causes and fine art at a young age, and both took root in my psyche quite early on.

I once had a boss tell me that I’m not motivated by money, which IS NOT true, but what is true is that I am most motivated by curiosity. I love to learn new things, and I think my varied skill set shows that. When your technology is acting up, when you want to know a good show to watch, or you want to know what Gerrymandering is, I’m the person you call.

Before I ever got married, my husband and I agreed that when we had kids, we wanted to devote as much time and attention to them as possible. We have had the privilege of working from home while raising our two daughters. I often took long breaks between jobs to focus on parenting, and I am thankful I was able to do that.

I am a hard worker who takes pride in the quality of my work. Some people might call me a perfectionist, but I think there is a fine line to aim for between perfection and “just right.” I am self-motivated and strive to create work that goes above and beyond expectations, but I also know how to have fun!

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