53/100 Divine

Happy Birthday Divine!
Today I painted Divine as Dawn Davenport from Female Trouble.

I’ve told you how much I adore Edith Massey, and you probably could have guessed that I love dear darling Divine just as much.
Born Harris Glenn Milstead on this date in 1945, Divine would have been 70 years old today.

Have you seen the documentary I Am Divine?
It’s really a great film and does so much to humanize this larger than life performer.
The thing that I love about Divine is that beneath the outrageous costumes, wild makeup, and loud voice, he always imbued his characters with a lovable humanity. Sure Dawn Davenport goes to the electric chair, but the ride there is a treat to watch, because of Divine’s magnetism.

I also love all of Divine’s music! If you aren’t familiar with his disco hits, I am here to educate you!

Here’s a clip of Divine getting the grossest birthday present in the world! I hope he’s somewhere enjoying his special day in a much finer way. Happy Birthday Divine!!

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