76/100 Dancing

A year ago today I had surgery to repair my torn ACL. Which is to say, my busted knee. I messed it up dancing at my cousin Jessica’s wedding. You know that saying, “Dance like no one is watching?” That has never been a problem for me. Since I was a little girl mesmerized by the SOLID GOLD dancers, I have been in love with dancing. Ask anyone who knows me, I am always busting out the moves. Anywhere, or anytime. Being a pale and out of shape lady, the second I exert myself one tiny bit, I turn bright red. Every picture of me at a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or gathering with music, I have a glowing bright face, crazy hair, and a giant smile. If you invite me to your shin dig, I am going to be the first and last one on the dance floor, unless of course I bust up a part of my body. Even then I will try to dance until I fall down. Seriously. Even with a torn ACL, I tried to dance some more. I love it that much.

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