Action Utah Rebrand

Action Utah was a nonpartisan advocacy organization working to empower Utahns from both sides of the aisle to get involved.

I designed this logo to reflect that mission using a beehive symbol created by an arrow on the left in the brand’s signature turquoise color representing the political left and the right represented by the brand’s signature coral color. They both come together in the center with the org name, which is in the third signature color, which some would call blue, but the leaders of Action Utah called purple (this was a constant joke at the org).

Social Media

Action Utah sent out daily actions via Instagram and Facebook. These actions were related to the four issue areas that drove our advocacy work. I created a visual lexicon associated with each issue so that followers would know at a glance what issue area the action was associated with.

  • Turquoise + a capitol dome icon = good government
  • Coral + a people icon = families and communities
  • Green + a leaf icon = environmental stewardship
  • Yellow + a heart with a cross icon = public health
  • Blue/purple + Logo = organizational alerts

Digital Newsletter Header

Weekly emails were sent out compiling the daily actions and sharing one additional weekly action. I revised the email header to meet the new brand standards and to grab the readers attention at a glance.

Additional Branded Templates

I developed additional Google workplace templates to be used by the staff for presentations, press releases, and all outgoing communications.

A presentation cover image for Action Utah - Advocacy Strategies For Organizations 12.10.19
Power Point/Google Slide Presentation Cover
A presentation slide designed for Action Utah
Power Point/Google Slide
Action Utah Branded Letter Head
Letter Head/Google Docs Template
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