24/100 Avon “It’s A Small World” Doll

Remember how I talked about my period before? And you were so happy when that post was over, because who wants to hear about me go on and on about my period? Whoops. Here comes another mention of my ol’ aunt Flo.
Today I had hideously awful cramps. Usually when that happens I just hide under my covers and don’t even venture out of bed. Today though, I did it! I got out of bed. It helped that I had two very important appointments, but still, I did it!
When it came time to paint, I was so close to saying that I’d just take a break, and start with painting 24 tomorrow. I would have been so bummed if I’d done that!
I am not in anyway enamored with this painting. I am however in love with the dolls I painted. They were released by Avon in the 1970’s and were filled with things like shampoo and bubble bath. These are the two I own. The small red one is supposed to be from Japan and the orange one is supposed to be from Hawaii. Though they were inspired by Mary Blair’s It’s a Small World attraction, she didn’t play a part in the design. I think that is evident in their faces, while I love them to bits, their facial features are not nearly as cute as the things that Mary Blair designed.
Today I really held on to that saying “it’s all about the process”, and let it guide me through my physical discomfort to get my painting for the day done.

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