27/100 Glitter

For many years I considered myself a glitter technician. If you wanted glitter on something, I knew how to apply it and make it stick. But that feels like a lifetime ago. It’s been many years since I was queen of the glitter. Nowadays they have glitter spray paint, and modge podge for outdoor use AND that can go through the dishwasher! My glitter skills are old school, and this world my friend, it belongs to the new school.

But on the plus side, I can find more and more glitterized goods. If it sparkles, I am into it. If it wouldn’t be considered totally gauche, I would wear glitter from head to toe. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my favorite color is sparkle.

I knew that I wanted to somehow incorporate glitter into this project. I had a hard time deciding how to do it. I really wanted to focus on learning how to use gouache paint, and so my goal for these 100 days is to only use gouache. Today I couldn’t resist adding some sparkle. I probably did about 9 or 10 sketches of ideas, but I think I made it TOO precious and important, no matter what I drew, it just didn’t seem to fit the vision of sparkle I had in my head. As the clock in my work room incessantly ticked away, I became obsessive about how I would incorporate glitter into my painting.

Then I realized that the day was almost over, and if I wanted to use glitter I would need some drying time before I was able to photograph my painting for the day. So I just laid down some big ol’ swatches of paint and got down to the glitter of it all. As it is, the turquoise glitter is still a little opaque because it needed more time to cure. It was so much fun adding the glitter. The way I usually paint with glitter is kind of laying it down thick and sculpting it into shape, that’s very different than working with gouache. It was fun working with both in one setting.

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