65/100 ABBA

I barely finished this one before midnight! I love this band so much I couldn’t stop adding details to this painting.

I started my sketch in the morning, my girls had a piano recital in the afternoon, and then of course we had Trick Or Treating in the evening.

Some days this project just weighs on me! I am trying not to be a perfectionist about it, but I really wanted to do right by ABBA, as they are a band that I feel so strongly for. So I worked late into the night to get the details right on this one.

I LOVE ABBA. From their Eurovision beginnings to the Mama Mia musical, I am all in when it comes to them.

I was once able to visit the ABBA experience in Sweden, and I will neverforget it. I got to see their original costumes and instruments. It was a moving experience. It was long before I carried a digital camera with me everywhere, or I would have photographed every single item. Instead I have a few blurry pictures from a disposable camera I had. Still, I treasure them.

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