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New Year, New Post

  You know what? I really miss blogging. I like writing. I think that I have forgotten just how much I like it. I think that blogging got intimidating for me, and I don't know exactly why, but since everyone says that blogging is dead now, I think the pressure is off! It can be [...]

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Ha! The Best Laid Plans

The best laid schemes of Mice and Men oft go awry, And leave us nothing but grief and pain, For promised joy! I was all excited to start November blogging every day. I believed that our renovation would be starting on the 1st, and it seemed to perfectly coincide. Ha. HA. HAHAHAHAHA! While doing some [...]

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Wha Happened? An update 3 months in the making.

It's been almost THREE months since I have updated? Wha!?! That is blowing my mind. I have been very busy over here. In the past few months I have done one or two more small craft shows. I have been developing new products, and I have actually been doing some paintings! Right now I am [...]

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It’s Women’s History Month!

I am really excited about it. Ever since my 100 day project I have had this list of women who inspire me that I want to paint. Some of them I even sketched way back during my project! I am fascinated with history, and especially that of the women. Partly because we have often been [...]

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